Pure Castile Soap – Trader Joe’s – Next to Godliness Brand


This is a terrific soap.  It lathers well and is not messy like bar soap is (it doesn’t create soap scum in the shower either).  It’s the only soap we keep in our shower.  I also really like the way it makes my skin feel so soft, without having to use lotion.  Of course it is cruelty free, no animal testing and contains no animal products.



The other benefit to this product is its versatility.  It can also be used as a shampoo (in fact it’s the only one my son uses), bubble bath and for general cleaning around the house.  I have found it works well as a spot remover on clothing and carpets too.  Due to its many uses, it is great for traveling and/or camping (it’s biodegradable too).


Update:  I have recently found out that this product has been discontinued by Trader Joe’s.










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